Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Peas in a pod

In September we had a guest host a baby shower for twins.  It was bug and peas in a pod themed.  We were given photos and asked to make similar cakes.
 and the side view of the sweet peas and bugs
Matching cupcakes
and the cupcakes on the stands
We started the bugs earlier in the week so they would hold their shape when we used them only to have to redo the bees because we couldn't get their wings to stay.  Super Baker Friend was thrilled to make them over :-P

Let them eat CAKE!!

For the past year we have been trying to step away from grocery store style cakes and work on making them more upscale.  We've had a few flops at the customer's request

They thought this represented playful.  I think is just looks gay.  And Why did I write surprise (twice) on the cake?  They couldn't just say it when it was carried out?

No more cake with the side completely masked with something in what "can only be an attempt to cover a poorly iced cake"  .  But when you are 90 and you want coconut on the sides just like your mother made it, well...
I almost get this one.  Aunt Marie likes blue and German Chocolate Cake with coconut pecan frosting all around it no fudge icing.  So there it is;  blue icing, blue writing, blue flowers all on a cake that doesn't take well to inscriptions at all (plus clashes with the blue).

Some of them really do look okay but I wonder at people's attention to detail when planning them.  I took a pretty white, nicely iced cake and made it look rather strange by adding white flowers, orchids and daisies.  I took a bit of liberty with the centers and the leaves so you can actually tell that there are flowers on the cake at all .
Done, and so easy!
This one is perfect - until you notice that the name is spelled wrong at the request of the orderer.  But check out the rest, smooth sides, geometric decorations, even and appropriately sized borders, only a bit of fruit to brighten it up.
A last minute wedding cake for a very small celebration gum paste flowers taken from the stash I've been slowly building and more quickly depleting.
Real Italian Buttercream on this one with flowers rescued from my dwindling stash
Handmade gumpaste roses

Cake for somebody who doesn't like cake.  I was tempted to point out that petit fours of this type are cake.  We even made the cake stand out of dishes and hot sugar.

Handmade Roses for Rosie
Doc's All Chocolate Cake that I used chocolate dipt strawberries to decorate.
Black and White Cake - this is turning into our signature cake (drat the idea)  it was all dark chocolate so instead of adding a dark border I took the opportunity to show off a bit.