Friday, July 30, 2010

Cake, Cake!

Last night I made a 9" round cake, 4 layers with raspberry mousse and vanilla buttercream completely from scratch in 1 hr 50 minutes.  I started the cake at 4:15 and put it in the display case at 6:05.  It's gotta be a record of some sort.  The fact that I was very, very angry over raw cake rounds could be behind the speed at which I accomplished it.

This morning's cake was done in a much more leisurely fashion.  I made this for a co-worker.

It's tons of fun to stick fingers in cakes on purpose.  :-)  The 'water' on the board I made by spraying food coloring on foil wrap then putting plastic wrap over it while it was still wet. 

Just a FYI wilton foodwriters don't work on gumpaste until it's completely dry. 
KD drawing the stripes on Spongebob's tube socks with a sharpie marker.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dino Cake Day 2

I checked my fondant spikes first thing this morning and to my amazement they had melted!?!  I've had it not dry completely but the melting was a first.  So after an emergency run for gumpaste and a second set of spikes I got down to business.
The thing was sweating "like a hooker in church" so I gave him a little time in front of the fan.

Still sweaty but all ready to roll.
Side view

Lots of fun with very few swear words today.  I ended up needing to support the spikes with toothpicks because the pieces weren't completely dry.  On to Friday and Spongebob!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dino Cake Day 1

I started making a 3D dino cake today.  It doesn't look like much yet but I have progress none the less.

What the cake should look like when it's done.

Getting the basic shape down.  The tail and legs are separate pieces right now.  Note the piece of carsboard in the middle to support the head.

Prepping for the fondant.  I think it looked better before I iced it.  One of the guys at work thinks its a bison :)

The spikes for the spine.  They are really purple the lighting in the bakeshop is really bad.

Just for fun.  well... maybe to show off a little too.

I also started working on a dessert submission today for the Shamrock Farms Dairy Fresh Chef contest.  I wasn't going to enter but I am caving in to the peer pressure and going for it. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I do these things to myself, you know?

I had a phone message when I got to work today.  "Mrs Whatsit called to order a wedding cake to be served at lunch on Aug 6th for 8 people."  My first thought was "Wow they actually didn't just tell her yes?"

I left for the kitchen to call her back thinking no way. Apparently my will power is non-existent for more than just donuts lately...I agreed to do it.  The clincher; they really do want it to serve only 8 people but she would "just love me" if I still made it tiered.  GRRRR!   It doesn't make sense that little cakes are harder to ice than gargantuan cakes.

The donuts just keep making it to my face and I have nobody to blame for it but me.  In 7 days I made beignets, vanilla spice cake doughnuts, raised cinnamon sugar donuts and SPUDNUTS!!! I love beignets but I crazy mad LOVE, LOVE, LOVE potato donuts.  The biggest downfall to being the person making the donuts isn't time spent over the deep fryer it's proximity to the finished product.  Somehow I kept ending up close enough that the darn things were just jumping into my hand and, well, what sane person puts down a warm donut?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Horse Mad

We celebrated my  niece's 4th birthday last weekend while everyone was around for the family reunion.  She is horse crazy, has a pretty large collection of horses and  an imagination that won't quit.  Her favorite color as of the 3rd was purple so when I found a "Precious Pony" pan in my mom's living room I knew I had to make it.