Sunday, January 24, 2010

Could be sorta considered pastry

On the search for a better pizza...
BUT FIRST: "regular" Mountain Dew soooo much better than diet

I LOVE pizza so the little unfair fact that so many place put corn meal on the bottom of their pizzas still has me really irked. I can eat Pizza Hut for take-out but sometimes I'm looking for something a little different. I can make pizza from scratch but sometimes it's just too much work for only me.
I'm in the freezer section of Whole Foods the other day looking for a gluten free dessert (but that's another story) and I decided I had nothing to lose by looking. I found Pesto pizza made by Amy's organics that is topped with mozzerella, pesto, fresh tomato and broccoli. I baked the first one and ate all of it in one sitting. YUMMM!!!!! Happy taste buds and happy tummy! I went back the same day and bought 2 more. Frickin' AWESOME!!

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