Sunday, June 20, 2010

Latest Cake

Another cake in the success column but not without some back sliding first.  I started doing the overpiping on the cake and it was sweating so badly that the buttercream was sliding off.

 Drying off the cake tiers

I came home to get myself ready while the cakes dried & accidentally fell asleep so I was racing the clock to get the cake delivered and set up.  2 of the cakes slid together on the car ride, I fixed the one that was messed up in the front but left the back. 

Looks pretty darn good.

Brittney waiting to cut the cake.

All in all another successful cake done!   As always I learned a couple of things and there are one or two things I would do differently given another go at it.  The color of the buttercream did not exactly match the fondant, but I'm not really sure how to correct that.  Given more time I would have filled in around the branches with more scroll work but I think I still looks fine the way it is.


  1. It's gorgeous Becca! :) Looks super yummy too!

  2. Thanks! I actually had a piece this time. I thought it tasted pretty amazing but I might be a little prejudice :)