Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby cake

I made this "baby" tiered cake for a 50th Anniversary Dinner.
The guests of honor brought in their cake stand that she wanted us to use. Very pretty cake stand but also only 10 1/2" across. So the tiers ended up being 5", 7" & 9", the entire cake might have weighed 20 pounds.
The party was only 7 people, but the Mrs. wanted a 3 tier cake so the base is styrofoam. She wanted drapery that covered most of the tiers which in retrospect I never should have agreed to. The fondant drapery is some of the heaviest I have ever put on a cake and it is actually held in place with toothpicks since it kept sliding.

But it did serve to remind me that I LOVE making wedding cakes. It is challenging and stressful and so rewarding. I have 2 lined up for this summer and I can't wait.

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