Wednesday, April 14, 2010

June Wedding

My first cousin is getting married in June and his fiancee asked me to make the wedding cake. After talking to her about it the first time I started collecting pictures and she starting looking too.  The actual cake is going to be things she liked off of several different cakes so there is no picture of it.   I saved all the pictures she liked and wrote myself a bunch of little notes but I still like to have a picture of sorts to get it all straight in my head.

 I'm no artist unless I have a piping bag in my hand.  I can't seem to make the idea of perspective translate onto paper and while I can make flowers out of gumpaste that are realistic I can't draw them. My cousin finds this funny for some reason. :) Anyway, I still have to try for myself so dont' say I didn't warn you, alright?
The cake is white, square, stacked a little offset with stargazer lilies, teal ribbon, a little greenery, dark chocolate "branch" piping and white allover scroll piping.   Now didn't you get all that from this picture? ;)

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