Monday, May 3, 2010

Is it possible to have eyestrain from the color of something??

Whew, what a crazy weekend.  I need to sleep for a solid week to make up for it, but nope, it's work for me all week.
Brad  & Amanda's cake can be added to the success column.  I managed to get it made, transported and set-up with only a couple of snafu's.  There was an incident of epic fail but it related to somebody else's actions hours after I left and despite my best advice. 

The figurine to the right was the cake topper.  My mom added it closer to show time.
& the eyestrain you ask?  That would be from the icing color.  I HATE PINK!!!  Of course anyone who knows me at all knows this.  My stance has actually relaxed a little in the last 5 years since there was a time when I would have refused to make a cake this color. 
I did take some creative liscence with the cake design that she sent me.  Originally the cake was supposed to be covered in fondant which travels a million times better than buttercream.  The tiers are a good inch shorter than planned so they would fit in boxes to protect the frosting and that left me with less room for piping. 

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