Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time for cake

U of A graduation time!

We had a rather large stack of unusual cake orders this week.  

Chocolate Cake with White Frosting.  I made white chocolate mousse just cuz I could.  U of A colors, done.  It took me a full half hour to get the stinking frosting this dark of blue.  & yeah I probably should have done the deco & then wrote on it but Congratulations takes up a lot of space.

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting?  Seems odd to me why not chocolate cake with chocolate frosting?  Normally cakes with chocolate frosting don't come with instructions for decorating either.  The brown messes with the color scheme a bit but it did look pretty cool matched up to the previous cake which was for the same party.

A carrot cake for your daughter Deena who is graduating?  Sure no problem...
But this is what the cake order we got had printed on it.  Luckily it's easy to lift the chocolate right off and just smooth it out a little.  Hopefully there was only one person at that table who graduated so it was obvious who the "congrats" was for  ;-D.

We don't make flan very often at the Inn & I'm very thankful for that.  When you make them this big they take FOREVER to bake.  Of course, when I don't forget about them and get them in the oven before 8 pm it helps. Still they turned out pretty good.
Vanilla Bean
Orange (in case it wasn't immediately obvious)

The real laugh is that none of these touch the oddest cake I've made at this job.  Chef calls me to the office to listen to a voice mail about a cake order last summer.  
                "Hi this is Janet.  I'd like to order a cake for my child's 21st birthday.  If possible I would like most of the cake covered in blue and orange icing flowers.  It needs to say "Happy Birthday Phillip'. Thanks"
HUH??  Icing flowers and it's for phillip.  But wouldn't this "philip" be a son?  I call the person back thinking to myself I misunderstood the message.  Nope I understood the message perfectly, I'm just still baffled.

Poor kid.  Flowers for his 21st birthday cake.

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  1. I like Donna's cake best, but that Flan really looks yummy!!