Saturday, April 14, 2012

Micheal and Dayna

One of my coworkers got married today and asked me way back to make his cake.  They are both pretty laid back people and she wanted something simple.  White on white on white with fresh flowers. Half red velvet with cream cheese and half white cake with buttercream and raspberries.  I didn't realize it until I started stabilizing it today but the cakes are red and white and white and red :-).

I hadn't seen the color scheme until we got to the venue today.  Black and silver with coral, purple and white flowers.  It was very striking. 
I'm always a wreck when it comes to delivering cakes.  This one went very smoothly!  I finished it early, it was overcast and cool today, only one of the cakes shifted during transit and it was easy to repair.  We started carrying the cakes in and everyone was oohing.  Now I'm never completely happy with cakes until the entire thing is together so transporting them in pieces is not easy.    But once we got this stacked and I got the borders on I was pretty darn proud of it.

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