Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poker themed

I get the banquet sheets last week with an order for a custom carrot cake - poker themed.  Um...OK?

They were promised something special so this one required a little bit of extra work.  I started the parts on Monday. This involved lots of questions for the poker players in house and tons of "supervision" from various crew.  Anytime we get out something out of the ordinary I have 10 people hanging out in the bakeshop just to see what we are doing. Playing cards and poker chips (aka dice) ready for the cake.
Just as I finished sticking the cards together Chef comes in and says "Nobody plays 5 card draw anymore". Also I now know that standard poker chips are red, green, blue and white. Ok, so I know next to nothing about poker, I'll freely admit to it.

But I know cake!  Carrot cake with pecans and cream cheese filling, carved to resemble a casino style poker table.  The outside of the table is brown fondant airbrushed to look like old leather, the felt is just green fondant.  

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