Saturday, July 24, 2010

I do these things to myself, you know?

I had a phone message when I got to work today.  "Mrs Whatsit called to order a wedding cake to be served at lunch on Aug 6th for 8 people."  My first thought was "Wow they actually didn't just tell her yes?"

I left for the kitchen to call her back thinking no way. Apparently my will power is non-existent for more than just donuts lately...I agreed to do it.  The clincher; they really do want it to serve only 8 people but she would "just love me" if I still made it tiered.  GRRRR!   It doesn't make sense that little cakes are harder to ice than gargantuan cakes.

The donuts just keep making it to my face and I have nobody to blame for it but me.  In 7 days I made beignets, vanilla spice cake doughnuts, raised cinnamon sugar donuts and SPUDNUTS!!! I love beignets but I crazy mad LOVE, LOVE, LOVE potato donuts.  The biggest downfall to being the person making the donuts isn't time spent over the deep fryer it's proximity to the finished product.  Somehow I kept ending up close enough that the darn things were just jumping into my hand and, well, what sane person puts down a warm donut?


  1. OOOO spudnuts!!!! I love those. I sympathize with the not being able to put down the donut, especially a warm homemade one!! (Or you know several of them ;) )

  2. You can't ignore freshy fried donuts, it's impossible!! Maybe you should hire a kitchen nazi with a spatula to beat you away? I volunteer, my ass is already fat anyway. :P